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Disability Income


The road to financial security is long and full of challenges, opportunities, and surprises.  The foundation of that financial security is income.  Without it, lifestyles and dreams for the future may be in jeopardy.  


The home may be your client's largest asset, but your ability to work and earn income is someone's most valuable asset.  The chart below estimates a person's earnings potential to age 65.



When a disability lasts a long time, the financial loss it creates can significantly affect family lifestyle and future security.  This is why individual Disability Income Insurance is one of the most important components of any financial plan.  The coverage provides peace of mind - knowing if one becomes too sick or hurt to work, benefits received could help maintain their current lifestyle.  


When a disability lasts one year, the probability it will last longer increases.


Source:  Commission Individual Disability Tables, CSO.



Business Owners Make Great Disability Prospects

For a small business, being productive every day is crucial to the success of a company.


A disabling event can be catastrophic for a business.  For a small business owner, this kind of event may cause the business to sustain irreparable losses and cause the business to fail.  By offering your business owner clients disability insurance to cover those unforeseen events, you can provide them with the knowledge their business will have a chance to grow and succeed, even in their absence.


We encourage you, the advisor, to focus some of your efforts on your business owner clients to account for what interests they have that may not already be covered.





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